Jean Massart Botanical Gardens (ULB)


Founded in 1922 at the initiative of Jean Massart (1865-1925), professor of botany at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the purpose of the site was, among other things, to recreate the vegetation of the main natural biotopes in Belgium as well as study the mechanisms used by wild plants to adapt to different habitats. Jean Massart commissioned landscape architect Jules Buyssens to lay out the 5 hectares of what was once farming land, on the edge of the Sonian Forest. A living open air museum, this botanical garden, the only one of its kind in Brussels, contains almost 2,000 different species from all over the world, presented in themed collections: medicinal plants and herbs, evolving garden of flowering plants, arboretum, crops and orchard plants. It also contains a wetland area forming a nature reserve that is part of the Natura 2000 network. Finally, certain show plots illustrate the research themes developed at the Laboratory of Plant Ecology and Biogeochemistry. (Listed 29/05/1997)

Tours “Discovering the Massart Garden”. Saturday at 10h30 and 16h00 and Sunday at 15h00 (French) and Saturday at 11h00 and Sunday at 14h00 (Dutch).
Tours “And what about that plant? Edible or toxic?” Sunday only at 14h30. In French only.
Conference “Massart Garden: between landscape art, science and the environment”. Saturday at 15h00 and Sunday at 10h30. In French only.
Exhibition “Plant-insect relationships at the Jean Massart Botanical Garden”.

Practical information

  • chaussée de Wavre 1850
    1160 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 to 18h00
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