Josaphat Park


According to legend, in 1574 a believer returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem found such a resemblance between the Roodebeek Valley and that of Josaphat, in Palestine, that he renamed this corner of Schaerbeek. The area was also the location of a huge estate that was under threat of being divided up at the start of the 20th century. King Léopold II encouraged the municipality to expropriate the land in order to preserve one of the beautiful green spaces of this part of Brussels. Designed by Belgian landscape architect Edmond Galoppin, the park was officially opened in 1904. The municipality enhanced and tripled the original surface area of the park by adding a number of adjoining parcels of land. It contains a sports and games area, a small zoo, beautiful lawns and numerous rockery-filled picturesque areas. In this respect Josaphat Park also holds the record in the Brussels Region, containing almost thirty faux rock creations. As well as a charming pigeon house, the recently opened dairy, a large covered shelter and a pretty bandstand, the park also boasts a line of three ponds, the last of which ends with a remarkable collection of faux rocks. A log bridge and alpine landscape created by Dumillieux also draw attention, along with a number of notable specimens of trees such as a giant sequoia, a Chinese mahogany and American sweetgum. The park extends along the central median of Avenue Louis Bertrand/Louis Bertrandlaan, which is planted with trees and flowerbeds, a bit like the trunk of a tree with Josaphat Park as its foliage. (Listed 31/12/1974)

An exploration of the municipal greenhouses with the Green Spaces Department. Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 to 13h00 and from 14h00 to 18h00. Starting point: Boulevard Lambermont/Lambermontlaan 411, Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek.
CANCELLED: Guided tours in sign language, Saturday at 16h00 and Sunday at 14h00 and 16h00. In cooperation with the association Arts et Culture.
Activities “Josaphat Park, my love, or the history of a valley at your feet” and walking tour “The artificial rock structures and bronze statues of Josaphat Park”.

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