Journey through the senses


The ABC of cooking for discerning gourmets! If you love good food, want to go further, want to impress your friends or your sweetheart... this will be your opportunity to spend a whole evening in a very special setting, the only one of its kind in Brussels, a very select apartment in the Galeries Royales St Hubert next to the Grand-Place. Véronique Toefaert will share her cooking hints and tips with you. Here, it’s all about "style on a budget", efficiency and pleasure, with a cuisine brought back into fashion, simple, full of flavour and, above all, very inventive and adapted to fit in with our very busy lives. It’s easy and always tasty! In a few simple steps, you’ll feel like a Master Chef ready to make a name for yourself! A selection of inventive recipes, lovingly chosen from an international and French repertoire will be presented to you as you go on this journey through the senses. Try the sensory analysis and wine-tasting introduction courses too. Véronique is an expert in rare and collectors’ wines and will be your guide in the sensory world of winetasting. A true journey through our 5 senses, wine-tasting will teach you to appreciate a world of sensuality you’ve never dreamed of before and, who knows, perhaps you’ll succeed in developing your 6th sense... Participants: min 8 / ma x 24 3 hours FR EN