Jupiter Park


A natural link between Duden Park and Forest Park, the vegetation of Jupiter Park blankets a steeply sloped embankment interspersed with tall trees, grassy areas and ornamental shrub-filled flowerbeds as far as the Altitude 100 neighbourhood. Its hilly terrain offers spectacular views with a collection of ash, wild cherry, maple and black locust trees, to name but a few, in the southern part. Tree enthusiasts will be interested in the handful of remarkable horse chestnut and lime trees, as well as a cherry plum and Russian olive tree. Work has just recently started on a planned orchard within Jupiter Park. Lastly, a viewpoint indicator installed on a platform on the embankment enables visitors to pinpoint some of the capital’s curiosities thanks to the unique panorama that encompasses the entire southern part of the City of Brussels. (Listed 26/03/1998)

Practical information

  • avenue Jupiter
    1190 Brussels
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