Karreveld Park

Considered one of the last examples of a fortified château farmhouse in the Brussels-Capital Region, Karreveld had several owners before being sold, in 1930, to the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek which, to fund its restoration, sold a large part of the then 16-hectare park. Today, the greenery surrounding the château covers a little over 3 hectares and consists of a wooded area reminiscent of the Brabant forest of long ago, with its carpet of anemones in the spring, its smooth lawns and, in the rear, a small classical French-style formal garden with flowerbeds and sculpted yew hedgerows arranged around a central pond. During the walk, you will recognise rowan trees, red horse-chestnut and Chinese magnolia. The park features a number of remarkable trees, including two London planetrees, two ash trees and a Japanese pagoda tree. The park also contains numerous varieties of conifer: Himalayan cedars, Atlas cedars and cedars of Lebanon, a Japanese cedar, Douglas firs, Austrian and Weymouth pines, a giant thuja, a Japanese larch, a Brewer spruce and a Sawara cypress. (Listed 10/11/1955)

Practical information

  • avenue Jean de la Hoese 3
    1080 Brussels
    • T
      Cimetière de Molenbeek/Begraafplaats van Molenbeek
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      Cimetière de Molenbeek/Begraafplaats van Molenbeek