Klare Lijn

Klare Lijn Klare Lijn Klare Lijn Klare Lijn Klare Lijn

This establishment has been awarded the Brussels Health Safety Label
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Klare Lijn was founded in 2000 by a group of enthusiastic guides who were keen to bring a breath of fresh air to the brussels landscape. Alongside the standard guided tours, they also wanted to offer tours of the city that were tailored to people's requirements. Their idea was not to simply stand in front of a group, but also to create a dialogue by respinding to reactions and by asking questions themselves. Today Klare Lijn has 17 experienced guides, most of whom are able to welcome visitors from both home and abroad in various languages. The tours now on offer are as varied as the city itself. There ids, of course, the classic walk, taking in the main tourist attractions. But if you want to discover a different side of our city the we are just the people you need. With Klare Lijn you can explore the different districts, book an architectural tour, learn all about all of our cemeteries, request a musical or literary walk, and so much more besides.

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