"La Vache" Comic Strip Wall


Look at the two exuberant murals adorning the Sleepwell youth hostel. You do not know what to look at first. The Magritte bowler hats? The Yellow Mark on the sphere of the Atomium? The cow on the skateboard is called Kobe. She is Secret Agent Pi = 3.1416, and was the muse for De Moor and writer Stephen Desberg for a series of exuberant, mischievous, slightly anarchic comics. On the second fresco, Kobe is wondering where that enthusiastic mouse inside Tintin's rocket is travelling to. ‘When I read your books it's like a pot of paint being thrown in my face", an artist friend once told Johan De Moor.

Practical information

  • Rue du Damier 23
    1000 Brussels