LE FONOGRAF Cantine ArtCafé

Recently opened in October 2011, Le Fonograf is born out of the initiative of three dynamic and night-loving youngsters - a Congolese deejay, a Belgian painter and an Italian sociologist - with high ambitions and a low budget. On this premise, the Canteen and Art-Café is a versatile bar just two steps away from Brussels' Grand Place, the city's main square. It is imagined as a space which can contemporaneously hold exhibitions, workshops for children, wine-tasting sessions and live music (both jazz concerts and deejay mixing). Le Fonograf caters to a wide range of audiences at different moments of the day and night, reflecting the city's cosmopolitan and neighbourly atmosphere. The Canteen proposes a simple and changing menu, which ranges from soups and sandwiches to the less known Flammekeuche, some presented in an original way as the "Gamelle du Midi" or the evening combos to be tasted with a bottle of local beer or wine. Enhanced by those clients that stay to read the daily press or play with the different games at their disposal, the familiar atmosphere might suddenly change as the Canteen shifts to Art-Café: you might encounter students of the conservatory or Art School close-by that start off an improvised jam session, or pass when the weekly program offers live concert and dj sets. Each day is different at Le Fonograf, it is up to you to make the best out of a place where it is impossible not to feel at home and will live for sure an unexpected and unpredictable experience!

When : 10 a.m. till 1 a.m.; WE noon till 2 a.m.  

Practical information