Le Roy D'espagne

Le Roy D'espagne Le Roy D'espagne Le Roy D'espagne Le Roy D'espagne Le Roy D'espagne Le Roy D'espagne

After the 1695 bombardment left a large part of the buildings on the Grand-Place in ruins, the guilds were responsible for its reconstruction. The baker’s guild rebuilt the Roy d’Espagne at number 1, Grand Place, in 1697. The patron-saint of bakers, Saint Aubert’s bust can still be seen right above the main entry, watching over his artisans.

On the second floor, Charles II’s bust ornates the façade and gives his name to the building. At the time Charles II was king of Spain and sovereign of the Southern Netherlands, geographically comprising Belgium of today. The building, having suffered during the French Revolution, was in terrible condition, but was restored in 1902 under the influence of then mayor of Brussels : Charles Buls.

Having been a café and afterwards an ironmongery, of which the gallery remains on the first floor, finaly exercing its previous vocation in 1954.

This side of the Grand’Place offers the most glamorous view of what Jean Cocteau named « world’s most beautifull theater ». The Estaminet, our private dining hall is located on the second floor, which allows an even better view to savor for those lucky enough to dine there.

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