In the past, it was not uncommon to move pivoting windmills from one village to another. This is what happened with the Luizenmolen, which, brought from some unknown location, was installed in the Rue des Papillons/Vlindersstraat, on the outskirts of Anderlecht, in 1864. Relocated once again in 1874, it was set up on a hillock right next to the farm belonging to its owner. The windmill continued in operation until 1928 before being acquired by the municipality in 1939. Despite being listed in 1942, it gradually fell into disrepair, losing its blades and then sadly collapsing. Unlisted in 1954, the Luizenmolen was demolished the following year. A number of nostalgic Anderlecht residents, with a passion for local history, came together and created a non-profit association with a view to reconstructing the windmill. The municipality lent its support and the plans were entrusted to the Brussels-based architect Georges Piron. A new hillock was created, not far from the original, and the Peel Brothers, windmill builders from Gistel, were hired to recreate the Luizenmolen. They enabled its blades, which have a span of 24 m, to drive the two 800 kg millstones once more. Inaugurated in May 1999, this windmill, with its central pivot, continues its work today, grinding the wheat supplied by local farmers just as it did in the past and providing a nice touch of rural life in the capital of Europe. (Listed 08/02/2007)

Practical information

  • Rue des Papillons/Vlindersstraat
    1070 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 13h00 to 18h00
    • B
      Bon Air/Goede Lucht