Medieval adventures


Medieval adventures At the time of knights and valiant lords Dear Charming Ladies and Noble Gentlemen, enjoy an extraordinary day of medieval adventures in Brussels. Lock your stress in the dungeon and amuse yourself with your joyful work partners or gentle company colleagues. Reveal your skills and show your courage by taking part in team games: rough duels with rubber weapons, archery, and reconstructing knights in armour... Admire the wolf trainer and fire breather! Take advantage of a chance to learn falconry. There will be brave knights, of course, demonstrating combat dressed in full traditional armour! When the time is ripe, come join the medieval banquet. Feast in the warm atmosphere and laugh at the jokes of the court jester. Let the music and singing of the minstrels cast their spell. Participants: min 60 / max 400 3 to 4 hours FR NL EN