Monument to Labour

Monument to Labour

The Monument to Labour is located in the district of Laeken, in the north of Brussels. This symbol of late-nineteenth-century industrial Belgium features among other things five bronze sculptures by Constantin Meunier (1831-1905). It was years before the works of the Brussels sculptor could be exhibited. A conservation committee to save the Monument to Labour was even created in 1926. The monument, including four high relief sculptures as well as Meunier’s statues, was designed by the architect Mario Knauer. It was finally inaugurated in 1930, during Belgium’s centennial festivities. Its location at that time was the Square Jules de Trooz. It was moved to its current site, Quai des Yachts at the far end of the Vergote Dock near the Pont de Laeken, in 1954.

Practical information

  • Rue Claessens
    1020 Laeken