Murder at Belgiwood


Elementary, my dear Watson! Belgiwood movie studios have a world reputation: the largest productions are designed here. Precisely, famous Steven Silverberg is shooting his next feature film in this moment. The excitement seized the studios when this master of the 7th art is found dead on the film set! The director seems to be the victim of a bullied assistant or a frustrated starlet. The police quickly encircles the scene of the crime, trapping many visitors including you from this Mecca of cinema. Installed in haste, these tourists don’t have another choice than to collaborate with the police forces. Indeed, they may return to their homes when the light will be shed on this murky affair. Armed with their sagacity and a VIP pass, allowing them to search every corner of the studio, will they succeed in exposing the culprit? An exclusive scenario especially designed for the occasion, 5 actors (all suspects!) who pass from table to table and respond to all the questions of the investigators and a series of small animation games that allow you to glean clues and boost the atmosphere. Participants: min 20 / max 100 2 hours or for dinner FR NL EN

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