Museum and gardens van Buuren

Harmony was the chief concern of David and Alice van Buuren when they designed their home: harmony in the interior's Art Deco style and harmony in the gardens that surround the house. In 1929, after starting to plant the garden, the Dutch banker, David van Buuren (1886-1955) - related to the Family of Orange - and his wife, Alice, built their home. These were crazy times in Europe, whose social elite wanted nothing but unfettered luxury. An aspiration met here by the designer-decorators by their use of precious materials (exotic woods, burr, ivory etc.) Superb collections of paintings from the 15th to the 20th century, including a version of "The Fall of Icarus" painted by Bruegel the Elder. The gardens cover an area of 1,5 ha including the "Garden of the Heart" by R. Pechère and the "Labyrinth".

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