PLB Consult


Even if the hotel and catering industry, and event organisation, have been my preferred domains for well over twenty years, I feel that I need to distance myself\tfrom these kind of oversized organisations in order to truly commit myself to your projects.Actually, I'm not at all interested in delegating. I would much rather offer my overall view and personal supervision of your event, starting with the\tconception of your idea right through to its realization, without ever losing sight of your original objectives. What I have to offer, therefore, is a complete and one of a kind service. My aim is to establish a real relationship based on trust, so that I can relieve you of the stress involved with organizing an event and take it upon myself to deal with all the details, only an insider can anticipate.My objectives are to find the best service providers at the lowest price, giving you the freedom of choice and passing on my experience by offering the\thighest quality of service, which will allow you to fully enjoy your event.En effet, il ne m'intéresse guère de déléguer le travail mais plutôt de proposer un regard global et

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