Park of Anjou Manor (Fraternités du Bon Pasteur)


Originally known as Château de Putdael, Anjou Manor owes its current appearance to Alfred-Casimir Madoux who, in 1845, had the old structure transformed into a Neoclassical-style house. The property had its moment of glory when it was first rented and then purchased by the Duke of Orléans in 1913. The building is surrounded by an estate of 12 hectares composed of a single stretch of land that was laid out in the form of an English-style landscape park around 1845. Acquired by Alfred-Casimir Madoux in 1884, the estate was progressively transformed into a more elaborate park. Its current layout dates from this time. A wide lawn bordered by flowerbeds planted with trees connects the manor to the pond, forming an elegant view. The ornamental pond, with a faux rock grotto with two entrances, is also home to an island connected to the bank by a romantic bridge. The park features a plane tree-lined drive and an alder fen wood near the pond, as well as numerous native and exotic species, 45 of which are listed as remarkable trees. These include beautiful stands of black alder, English walnut, chestnut and giant thuja. (Listed 08/05/2014)

Walking tours of the park. Sunday only at 14h00 and 15h30. Starting point: entrance to park. Please note that bookings are preferred. Call 02/771.78.42. In French only. Up to 18 people per tour.

Practical information

  • rue au Bois 365
    1150 Brussels
      access is only permitted for walking tours
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      Manoir d’Anjou