Plat du jour


The "Plat du jour" Let’s discover Brussels, the city of gastronomy mixed with entertainment... Sainte-Catherine Square, the Fish market, and the typical and trendy neighbourhood of the rue Dansaert area give a unique atmosphere to this teambuilding. The aim of the game is to find the cook and the "Plat du jour" as quickly as possible. Between mysteries, races and maps, each clue is important to resolve the riddles and find the chef and his "Plat du jour". Open to anyone, this appetizing activity offers interactive challenges for a great teambuilding mixed with the famous "Art de Vivre" of Brussels. Being a combination of very different assignments makes this teambuilding suitable for all audiences: the sportsman, the intellectual and the smart one will not get any problem to integrate themselves and will contribute successfully for their teams. Participants: min 30 / max 120 4 hours FR NL EN