Poker stars


Place your bets! Knowing when to wait for the good cards and when they arrive, how to take the right decisions at the right time. Being aggressive to frighten your opponents or, on the contrary, take advantage of a good hand to the maximum... the parallel with the world of business is obvious! Behind its playful image, poker has many virtues for the companies. We suggest you to live a real tournament, just like on TV. After a short introduction, you are ready for action! We offer you our tables and professional dealers, tokens, plastic, cards, etc. A special software controls the evolution of the tournament, relevant information is projected on a giant screen and everything is supervised by a master of ceremonies who ensures the smooth running of the tournament. But beware: only one will hold on! Who will be the strongest? Who will bluff everyone? Who will walk away with gifts? Adrenaline guaranteed! Festive, user-friendly and highly bonding, open to both beginners and passionate players, here is the perfect activity for a motivation incentive or team building! This formula can be included in a more classic casino evening, with additional tables (roulette, Blackjack,...) in this case, without a number limitation for the participants. Participants: min 10 / max 60 4 hours FR NL EN

Practical information