Private house owned by Fritz Seeldrayers

Private house owned by Fritz Seeldrayers

This house was the home of the architect Fritz Seeldrayers (1878-1963), who designed several houses in this street and neighbourhood. Dating from 1900, it serves as a manifesto of his work, as it displays a combination of styles. While it exhibits aspects of geometric Art Nouveau, as developed by Paul Hankar, it likewise draws on the work of Victor Horta, whose house was built at the same time. Lastly, it also introduces the style of the Vienna Secession, probably one of the very first examples of this to appear in Brussels. The façade combines different types of brick and stone and is decorated with sgraffiti images (butterflies, skylarks and papyrus), most likely created by Adolphe Crespin. A renowned decorative painter and poster artist, Crespin also decorated other houses on the same street. Inside, the painted decor was the work of Léon Sneyers, a decorative artist and architect, who introduced the Secession and was also responsible for the Stoclet Palace.

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