Rally metro


At loggerheads in the metro! Whether it be raining, windy or snowing, the teams will set off to find out about the artistic and architectural treasures in the warmth of hidden corners of Brussels’ metro stations. Each team is given a plan of the network, tickets and personalized questionnaires and is then plunged into the heart of this virtual "living museum" for a thrilling race against the clock in a unique setting. But be careful! Time is short, and the teams will have to organize themselves if they are to achieve their objectives. Should they let a metro go past so that they can answer all the questions, but incur a time penalty, or should they sacrifice a few answers and stay on time? An unusual concept that will engage, stimulate and empower each participant and which stresses the importance of team work to succeed. Participants: min 20 / max 200 3 hours FR NL EN

Practical information