Saint-Cyr House

Saint-Cyr House Saint-Cyr House Saint-Cyr House

The most extravagant and astonishing example of Brussels Art Nouveau is without doubt Saint-Cyr House, with its breathtaking steelwork the most eye-catching feature. Masterfully decorated thanks to its abundant and sumptuous use of glass and steel on the 4-metre wide facade, the house is truly a stunning sight.

The house was built between 1900 and 1903 and was the home of artist and decorator Léonard de Saint-Cyr. It was designed by Brussels architect Gustave Strauwen, who was a student of the legendary Victor Horta, when he was only 21 years old.

Incidentally, opinion was split about this Art Nouveau gem until relatively recently. In 1967 the City of Brussels’ chief architect said the following about the building’s façade: “
“it lacks the uniformity needed for an artwork; the individual elements clash and give the impression of a haphazard and less than harmonious fantasy, which is even clearer in the presence of an exterior staircase of questionable taste”. Six years later and opinions remained unchanged. The Royal Commission for Monuments and Landscapes described it as “… a tumultuous work, of astonishing proportions, which at first glance looks like a theatre set, then reveals itself to be a serious, ordered and logical architectural story.”

Practical information

  • Square Ambiorix - Ambiorixsquare 11
    1000 Brussels