Schaerbeek cemetery

Schaerbeek cemetery

Although more discreet than Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, Schaerbeek cemetery can also be considered as an essential stop on any tour by visitors to our capital. If offers a peaceful setting for a walk to discover several iconic personalities that have left their mark on Brussels. Several have a connection to Surrealism, such as Magritte and his wife or the poet Marcel Mariën, who sends us this message from beyond the grave "Il n'y a aucun mérite à être quoi que ce soit" (There is no merit in being anything). Schaerbeek Cemetery is also the resting place of many other illustrious personalities such as the resistant Andrée De Jongh, the explorer Ernest Cambier or again the statesman and writer Louis Bertrand.

Practical information

  • Rue d'Evere 4
    1140 Evere