Scheutbos regional park


Scheutbos regional park, located within Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, still contains the same landscapes as those depicted by Breughel in his paintings, in particular an oak and hornbeam pasture the likes of which are now almost entirely absent from the Belgian countryside. However, the richness of Scheutbos is even greater than this. A vast willow marsh with 2 hectares of reed beds as well as meadows surrounded by hedgerows form a highly varied habitat that occupies the summit of the western side of the Senne Valley. The site where Marshall de Villeroy’s troops camped during the bombardment of Brussels in 1695 is home to almost 300 species of flowering plants and 66 species of trees and shrubs. On top of this, 87 species of mushroom and 120 different types of insects have been identified in the area, creating a veritable haven for serins, dunnocks, wheatears, sparrowhawks, weasels and great green bush-crickets. It is in the heart of Scheutbos regional park, traversed by the Maelbeek River, that the source of the Leybeek is to be found. (Listed 06/10/1997 and 16/07/2015)

Practical information

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