Sex in the city


Welcome to the jungle of Brussels! Just like Carrie in the famous "Sex and the City" series, we’ll be dissecting malefemale relationships, with Charlotte we’ll be visiting the shopping malls and "in" places, in the footsteps of Miranda, the brainy, cynical lawyer, we’ll be deciphering the business world and, following Samantha’s example, we’ll be uncovering stories of celebrities past and present and their favourite fashion boutiques. To mark "Gay Pride", "Love in Brussels", Saint Valentine’s Day, your engagement or just a nice time with your workmates, our "Sex in the city" route can be adapted, like a cocktail made just for you, with stories of famous couples, the discovery of unusual shops, anecdotes about celebs and - and if you wish - interactive experiences! Participants: min 4 / max 10 2 hours to 1 da y FR NL EN DE ES IT PO RUS JAP CHIN