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Silversquare is the biggest, most prestigious progressive workspace in Belgium. It’s a place where you can exchange and share ideas, work with others, gain inspiration and advance your business in a professional, multi-sector environment that delivers the best value for money on the market.

Their advantages :

• 3 prestigious adresses,
• Different offers and services,
• Passionate people, positive energy, friendly spirit.

We are providing offices solutions that suit you the best, from the virtual one to the private one. Passing by the day location, the flexed office and the meeting rooms from 2 to 100 people.

Come and discover our different premises, with their unique interior architecture, their private and communal spaces, complete with meeting rooms, lounges, bar and events – not to mention its garden, where you can cross-pollinate a range of different experiences and take advantage of the opportunities on offer like nowhere else.

Pitched neatly between a business centre and a co-working hub, Silversquare is the best of both worlds. The perfect place to help you dream. Bigger. Every day.

Discover the Silversquare Meetings Rooms Triomphe !

Closely located between a business centre and a coworking hub, Triomphe is the best of both worlds.

With its unique interior architecture, its private and shared spaces, complete with meeting rooms, lounges and events, you enter a place made to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Welcoming of your visitors, coffee, tea, water, wifi, flipchart and screen included.

• Open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm (evenings and weekends available on-demand).
• Catering on-demand.
• Prices are excluding VAT.

+32 (0) 2/627 77 22

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