Square Ambiorix/Ambiorixsquare, Square Marie-Louise/Maria-Louizasquare and Square Marguerite/Margaretasquare


When drawing up his plans for urban development, architect Gédéon Bordiau imagined a series of three squares connected to each other by a vast tree-lined avenue which would make use of the water coming from Schaerbeek and Woluwe. The project to create Avenue Palmer_ston/Palmerstonlaan and the squares of Ambiorix, Marguerite and Marie-Louise was born. Construction began in 1875. Square Marie-Louise/Maria-Louizasquare contains a large pond featuring a faux grotto with a rock that emits a jet of water up to 15 m high, without the need for a pump since there is sufficient pressure from the Maelbeek River at this sloping point! The ornamental pond replaces the old Saint-Josse pond in the Maelbeek Valley. The pond is surrounded by plants arranged in the English landscape style, including a number of remarkable trees such as a honey locust, white mulberry and a splendid plane tree. Enclosed by a hedgerow of trellised lime trees, Square Ambiorix/Ambiorixsquare and its geometric terraced spaces are more evocative of the French formal style. Here, all eyes converge on an incredible tulip tree. Also present are a tree of heaven, a Chinese catalpa and a red horse-chestnut. As for Avenue Palmerston/Palmerstonlaan, the double line of unpruned ball-shaped black locust trees forms a pretty view in this urbanised neighbourhood. Square Marguerite/Margaretasquare, with its pond encircled by a pergola, has been converted into a games and sports area. (Listed 14/07/1994)

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