Tan Tan Tan

Good food and good health! TAN is a place dedicated to introducing people to a cuisine that’s not only original and full of flavour but also kind to nature and to human physiology. This leads to an approach that considers every aspect of food and nutrition (pleasure, need, health, ecology, ethics, science...). Any combination of ’à la carte’ packages is possible: conferences, coaching, training or introductory sessions, team-building exercises, delivery of healthy meals (breakfasts, lunches), group cooking following age-old recipes (e.g. Essene bread, lacto-fermentation) and with living produce (sprouted seeds, young shoots, extracted vegetable juices, etc.), and live "performances" by a cook preparing different recipes. These packages can be carefully prepared in collaboration with the company, including numerous variables such as the place, duration, level of detail, incorporation into another incentive, event or working day organised by the company, etc. Participants: min 12 / ma x 22 1.30 hour to 2 hours FR NL EN

Practical information