Tenbosch Park


A small haven of peace in a very built-up neighbourhood, Tenbosch Park extends over 3 hectares. One third of the land once belonged to a property purchased in 1885, at a time when the site was still situated in the heart of the countryside. In 1902, Louis and Élisa Semet-Solvay took over the estate, on which a château had been built in the intervening years. It was their son, Jean-Louis, who was responsible for the current layout of Tenbosch Park. A passionate dendrologist, Jean-Louis soon acquired adjoining sites and expanded the garden, where he planted numerous exotic species of tree under the advice of gardener _Hector Noyer and English nursery owning family Hillier. The park contains euodia, sweetgum, Japanese raisin, California bay laurel, tetracentron, sycopsis, Chinese pearlbloom, Chinese prickly-ash and Japanese pagoda trees, over 90 of which are included on the list of remarkable trees, a record for such a modest-sized site. The arboretum, which was revamped by the company Société René Pechère et Partners at the request of the Brussels Region, its current owner, was able to open to the public in 1986.

Walking tours “Tenbosch Park: a haven of peace surrounded by remarkable flora”. Saturday and Sunday at 14h00 (duration: 1.5 hours). Starting point: the main entrance to the park, at the corner of Rue des Mélèzes/Lariksenstraat and Rue Hector Denis/Hector Denisstraat. In French only. Please note that bookings are preferred. Call 02/515.67.48, text 0477/25.01.47 or e-mail patrimoine@ixelles.be. In cooperation with the Heritage Department of the municipality of Ixelles.

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