The Belgistory


...a real taste! Gaulish, then Roman then Breughelian then Spanish then French: Belgian cuisine has been enriched over the centuries by occupations by our European neighbours. "La Belgistoire" uses Belgian culinary traditions to help participants discover (or re-discover) the history of Belgium. Each course is served by appropriately-dressed waiters. During the meal, our "happy monk" guide provides a running commentary on the food, interwoven with Belgian history, and spices up his comments with historical anecdotes that are often surprising but always amusing. Add to all this a specially-decorated room, period costumes, minstrels, Roman dancers, legionaries and gladiators, Napoleonic soldiers and jesters and a light-hearted atmosphere and prepare yourself for a time-travelling experience you won’t forget! Participants: min 50 / max 500 3 to 5 hours FR NL EN