The Émaillerie Belge

The Émaillerie Belge

The successor to a partnership that was created on 20 March 1922, the Émaillerie Belge was founded on 16 November 1923. Established on the Chaussée de Ninove/Ninoofse Steenweg, it specialised in the production of a vast selection of enamelled products, including plaques for advertising purposes and street name signs. These items were repeatedly heated to a temperature of close to 800°c, in order to fix the enamel to the steel. The firm provided enamelling for toilets and sinks, pots and pans and kitchenware. The business was highly successful up to the 1960s, when the market changed and times became more difficult. In spite of this, the Émaillerie Belge is the only company of its kind to have survived in the Benelux region. Given a new lease of life by the young entrepreneur who took it over in 2016, the company is attempting to find new uses for enamel in everyday life, in recognition of the material’s many benefits: it is resistant to heat, graffiti and atmospheric corrosion. Today, all the stages in the process are still carried out in-house and the Émaillerie Belge now offers additional expertise in the various techniques of screen printing, colour gradation and four-colour process printing, with almost 780 shades available. All this has enabled the company to reinvent itself and adapt to contemporary needs.

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