The International Montessori School Hof ten Berg

The International Montessori School Hof ten Berg

A remnant of Woluwe’s rural past, the Hof ten Berg farmhouse retains an imposing main building of sandstone rubble blocks, capped by a saddle roof that dates from 1750. It gets its name from the sloping site on which it was established. The property originally covered almost 100 hectares, making it the largest farm in the municipality. The current buildings date from the second farm built on the site. The first, mentioned as far back as 1245 as a dependency of the Benedictine abbey of Forest, was completely destroyed by the troops of Louis XIV during the 1675 and 1696 campaigns. Following the dissolution of the order after the Revolution, the farm was acquired by its then tenant, François De Clerck, who would later become mayor of the municipality. The estate was subsequently divided up and the stables converted into workers’ houses. All that remains are the main dwelling and its annexe, which was recently renovated in order to house the International Montessori School Hof ten Berg. (Listed 14/04/1997)

Practical information

  • Hof ten Berg 22
    1200 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 13h00 to 18h00
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      Marcel Thiry