The garden city of Le Logis-Floréal


Thanks to the strict standards imposed by the cooperative company responsible for its construction, the garden city of Logis-Floréal has lost nothing of its original appearance and is one of the best preserved garden cities in Belgium. It extends over an area of more than 80 hectares, occupying a promontory 100 m high surrounded by the valleys of the Watermael and Woluwe streams. The designers of the project considered the Trois Tilleuls site an ideal location for the construction of a set of houses in keeping with a new communal way of living: the garden city, which had, since the 19th century, already met with a certain amount of success in Great Britain as a result of the concepts developed by Ebenezer Howard. Urban planner Louis van der Swaelmen, who had immersed himself in the rational vision of Dutch architects during his exile in the Netherlands, worked in collaboration with Jean-Jules Eggericx who, after his stay in Great Britain, had brought back the “city garden” concept. Construction of Le Logis began in 1921 and Floréal in 1922. The houses, made from brick or cinder blocks, were fitted with brightly-coloured shutters and window frames and surrounded by elegant small gardens. Everything was designed for the wellbeing of the future occupants. An initial phase of restoration has already enabled the roofs and façades of 78 houses located in the “Trapèze” quarter to be renovated and repainted, resolving serious issues of porosity and water ingress. The chimneys and missing dormer windows were also restored. Further works are planned and will focus on both the houses themselves and the green spaces, which are a highly important element in the composition of the site. (Listed 15/02/2001)

Guided tours through the garden city which will also include a visit to the “Chant des Cailles” farm and its community vegetable gardens. Saturday and Sunday at 14h00 (duration: 2 hours). Meet at Square des Archiducs/Aartshertogensquare (“Archiducs/Aartshertogen” stop on bus 41 route close to Avenue des Archiducs/ Aarts_hertogenlaan). In French only. Up to 20 people per tour. In cooperation with Cercle des Guides-nature du Brabant (Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique – CNB).
Geopoetic walk through the city garden of Logis in Watermael-Boitsfort.

Practical information

  • Square des Archiducs
    1170 Brussels
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