The old port: Quai du Commerce

The old port: Quai du Commerce

Perpendicular to what is today the Petite Ceinture inner ringroad around Brussels, and continuing on from Quai de Willebroeck, the Canal opened out into the Grand Bassin from 1830 onwards. This commercial dock was very spacious, measuring 180 metres by 70, and could take up to 150 vessels: mussel boats, sailing boats and so on. All that remains today is the vast open space of the Quai du Commerce, which gives some idea of the size of the old dock. Right next to it, perpendicular to the Grand Bassin, was a small maintenance dock which gave its name to the Quai du Chantier (‘Boatyard Wharf’).

Practical information

  • Quai du Commerce
    1000 Brussels