The trellised arcades of Waux-Hall


At the end of the 18th century, Parc Royal allowed itself to be seduced by the fashion for Vaux Hall Gardens imported from England. These were pleasure gardens that catered to polite society within a verdant setting. Construction of the Waux-Hall in Brussels began in 1782 at the instigation of the Bultos brothers, who were already operating a beverage business in a Turkish tent at the site. The Waux-Hall was transferred to the City of Brussels in 1818 and rented to the Concert Noble company. In 1913, behind the theatre, architect François Malfait designed an orchestra pavilion in the form of a bell-shaped roof bandstand with forestage. A diamond-shaped trellised arcade complements the Louis XVI style complex, accentuating the country-style look. Abandoned, the site was damaged through negligence and bad weather. However, recent works have restored the original splendour of the site. (Listed 19/05/1994)

Explanations on the different work which restored the former shine to this unique site. In cooperation with the City of Brussels (Historical Heritage Unit), Arkadia and Korei.

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