The van Buuren Museum and Gardens

The van Buuren Museum and Gardens

The construction of the house owned by the banker David van Buuren and his wife Alice did not start in earnest until 1928, although the garden, developed under the guidance of the architect Jules Buyssens, had already existed since 1924. The clients, who were patrons and connoisseurs of the arts, carefully supervised the design of their new home, which was entrusted to Brussels-based architects Léon Govaerts and Alex van Vaerenberghe. Both the interior and exterior are a masterful reflection of the Art Deco style, as well as of the refined taste of David van Buuren, a passionate collector. Between the 1920s and 1960s many famous figures visited this residence, which contained 150 paintings by great masters (including Brueghel and Van Gogh) and around thirty sculptures, and whose decor was influenced by the 1925 Decorative Arts Exhibition in Paris. The couple decided to immortalise the building by turning it into a museum. Everything was therefore organised with this in mind. After the death of her husband, Alice commissioned René Péchère to design the Jardin de Cœur, or “garden of hearts”, and the maze that we are still familiar with today. Still intact, the house and contents now stand as a eulogy to the glory of good taste and Art Deco. (Listed 28/06/2001)

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