Thematic Rallies with high-tech Electrical Bicycles

Thematic Rallies with high-tech Electrical Bicycles :: © © WBT

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of these futuristic bikes, you'll effortlessly cover kilometres. It's a unique way to discover a region (urban or rural) as you pass through areas where cars cannot go. While at the commands of their modern-day steed, every participant will take part in the search for clues and solve puzzles along the way. The Good Time Company offers themed eBike rides to liven up your team days and other seminaries (or simply for the fun of being together!). Choose between cultural, gastronomic, fun, unusual or customised themes. This is the ultimate group activity and is both simple and effective. It is flavoured with a feeling of childhood fun, spiced with a touch of the futuristic. Star activity: * to strengthen your message related to sustainable development; * to make biking accessible to all – we do really mean " accessible to all ". -> ITINERARIES in Brussels: Tintin * Speculoos * Chocolate * Art Nouveau * Comic Strips * De " echte Brusseleir "

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