Treasure Hunt guided by an interactive Tablet

Treasure Hunt guided by an interactive Tablet :: © © pha

Each team follows an itinerary on the interactive tablet, in the city, parc, hotel, museum, …). There are several stops on the way, where the participants are asked to achieve a challenge. The teams use the tablets to find their way in the city. The challenges can be diversified. We can create any challenge you'd like to match your Corporate Values, and the theme of your seminar.     Some of the most popular challenges: * using the tablet to take a picture of the team in a funny posture * finding a typical local item ... * identify 3 tastes of local delicacies * using the tablet to tape a video of themselves dancing gangnam style * take a picture of an item related to a famous painting or sculpture * taping a video in front of a major site * ...   Later on (it can be during the diner) we display the pictures and the videos, and we name the winning team. In most cases, the dining room is shaking because of the roaring laughs ;-)   Star activity: * for very large groups (up to 1200 persons!) * to spice up a standard City Tour * indoors (hotel, training center, …) or outdoors     Teambuilding days, meetings, client events ... We'll provide unforgettable moments for your participants !  

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