Tribute to... A magical history tour


Relive the greatest hits! Everyone has their favourite memories of great moments in world history, of Belgian history and of popular songs. The unique "Tribute to..." concept brings together all these memories in a multilingual musical show. Having transported the audience from the Big Bang to 1955, they are invited to re-live 14 great historic moments between then and today in 14 presentations : at the end of each presentation, a group of musicians from the best pop groups will perform a hit song linked to the event live on stage - the entire performance will include no fewer than 20 hit songs. This concept can be used to bring a personal touch to your organisation’s events by promoting key dates in its development (e.g. its foundation, its move to new locations, its merger with other organisations, its major product launches, etc.). Your ears will love hearing music you once danced to again! Participants: min 400 / max 5000 4 hours FR NL EN