Vervloesem School

Vervloesem School

The simple architecture of this school is reminiscent of early 20th century rural educational establishments. It should be remembered that when it was opened, in 1909, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe was still only a village in the suburbs of Brussels. Its architect was none other than Henri Jacobs, the most famous designer of educational architecture in the Brussels region. The façades are punctuated on one side by a series of tall windows separated by narrow metal columns, and on the other side, by four large windows that introduce light into the inner courtyard. Inside, the layout is carefully organised around this inner covered courtyard; the balustrade-lined gallery above it exhibits hints of the Art Nouveau style. This endearing municipal school, which was named after Frans Vervloesem, a school teacher who died in 1917, has retained the original bell used to call the pupils to class or to announce break times. (Listed 10/10/1996)

Practical information

  • Rue Vervloesem/Vervloesemstraat 36
    1200 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 10h00 to 18h00
    • M
    • B