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Restaurant Viva M'Boma
Since over a decade, in the heart of the historical St catherine’s place and the well known Boulevard Antoine Dansaert, the restaurant Viva M’boma is located at 17 rue de Flandre where we specialise in offals and organ meats too often forsaken and ignored by the younger generation.
Marc and Lionel have brought a rebirth to the offal cuisine, aka ‘’the 5th district‘’, their chef, Olivier Vanklemput along with his chef de partie, Nicolas, are cooking with passion and creativity. While respecting the traditions and adjusting to it modernity, quality of the products, accuracy of the cooking and seasonings, they ellaborate just as well belgian traditional recipes such as stoemp, warterzooi, flemish carbonnades, as much as creating new concoctions such as choesels, braised sweet breads with hop shoots, fricassée of lamb testicles,.. etc. which give the opportunity to bring back these lost offal recipes
Margaux and Thomas will welcome you at restaurant Viva M’boma in the authentic surrounding of Brussels’ last tripe shop in a warm ambiance. They will be at your disposal to guide you and suggest the best for you as well as advising you on a wine pairing.
Come over for a gourmet escape at a fine table, the team awaits you for a cosy and relaxing moment in a typical Brussels environment .

In order to make a reservation and book a table for Friday or Saturday evening, please contact us by phone:02.512.15.93

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