Vogelzangbeek Valley


Situated on the left bank of the Senne Valley, the 25 hectare Vogelzang (birdsong) site illustrates the typical landscape of a wetland valley floor in Brabant. It is part of the Pajottenland, a farming region characterised by open countryside consisting of crops, grazed orchards, hedgerows, uncultivated fields, copses, wet meadows and marshland areas. Winding through the valley, the Vogelzangbeek feeds a large duck pond surrounded by pollarded willows, alder, reeds, bulrushes, cane and other plants suited to wet habitats. The site is bordered by vast meadows, orchards, fields and tall hedgerows, all vestiges of the rural landscape of yesteryear. This diversity of landscapes is reflected in the large variety of habitats, which is why the Vogelzang was listed in 1998. At the heart of the site, the cottage-style villa Kattekasteel, with its small clock tower, is currently being renovated. Nearby, four lines of horse chestnut trees lead solemnly to a cemetery of 18 hectares, a veritable haven of greenery famous for its flora, fauna and fungi. Nesting boxes have been installed to further encourage the long-term survival of the bird species present on the site. (Listed 19/03/2009)

Guided tours. Saturday and Sunday at 14h00 (duration: 2-3 hours). Starting point: in front of the entrance to Anderlecht Cemetery, Avenue des Millepertuis/Sint-Janskruidlaan (metro Eddy Merckx). In French only. Up to 25 people per tour. Please note that bookings are preferred. E-mail vogelzangreservation@gmail.com. Dogs are not permitted, even on leads. Bring good walking shoes or boots in case of rain. In cooperation with the association CCN Vogelzang CBN.

Practical information

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