Awards results 2018


  • Brussels Electronic Marathon 2017

    “L’Union fait la Force”

    Brussels Electronic Marathon is a celebration of a beautiful city and its citizens that make, play, or enjoy experiencing electronic music. BEM is a grassroots project that supports and promotes our local artists, places and spaces. This is the Sound of Brussels: BEM17 was 33 locations, 66 collectives and concepts, supported by some 130 volunteers, 65 events hosting 229 local artists, from all corners of the electronic music world (hip-hop, electronica, techno and house, noise, ambient and neoclassical as well as glitch and acousmatic). A diverse sound for a diverse city. A better future: electronic music and culture isn’t only late-night parties. Workshops for children, talks, screenings and concerts for the first generation of music lovers were all part of our event. Furthermore, a city is an organism that lives by day and by night, and as such topics such as health, transport and fairness are at the core of BEM’s DNA.


  • Brussels is a Plaizier

    What did Brussels look like 50 years ago? From June to September BOZAR took you back in time with an exhibition about the Plaizier publishing house. Since 1977 this Brussels publishing house has built up an image library including vintage postcards, prints, calendars and books. Architectural gems and urban transformations were superbly represented, while objects reflected the particular trajectory of two editors Wijnand and Mieke Plaizier. Their love for the Belgian capital became evident in each illustration. In addition to their purely documentary value, the photos bore witness to the way in which the people of Brussels remember and cherish their city, thus lending form to the collective memory. Let's all share our favourite parts of Brussels #itsmyplaizier



  • Art Brussels

    Art Brussels, which features among the most famous of contemporary European art fairs, took place for the second year running in the iconic Tour & Taxis building.

    Aside from the head-hunter or talent spotter dimension that remains written into the fair's DNA, Art Brussels can count on trusted links built up over many years between the galleries loyal to the fair and more than 25,000 Belgian and foreign visitors who have not missed Art Brussels for anything over the years. Art Brussels stands out for the quality of the Belgian and international galleries it profiles, yet also and undeniably for that additional injection of soul provided by all the fringe elements it manages to take in, such as the artistic programme, the discussions and debates and free guided tours… In 2017, Art Brussels hosted 145 galleries from 28 different countries, presenting a total of more than 650 artists.


  • BIF-Market 2017

    The first edition of BIF-Market took place in 2017 to mark the 35 years of the BIFFF, which had already organised and supported "Frontiers" for three years on the trot, as the first European co-production market for genre film. The world's genre cinema industry has presented its films along with its “Work in Progress”, and also took the opportunity to promote its companies or institutions, before a panel of professionals who are interested and convinced about the genre appeal.

    The BIF-Market is the foremost genre film market and, in the future, may become a revolving platform between genre film productions and production and post-production houses in Brussels and in Belgium. And lastly, the BIFFF is the ideal occasion to make such encounters happen.


  • Le Local

    Le Local is the first culinary nursery in Brussels: a restaurant that offers chef cuisine and a place for young people to get started and thrive in catering and design, while training them in the principles of circular economy.

    From the field to the plate, from the plate to the field, nothing is left to chance in this zero-waste restaurant that gives pride of place to Belgian producers and fine produce: short supply chain, compost, conservation method, commitment and communication.

    Indoors, the same philosophy extends to all the décor, which has been made by designers working with recycled materials. Meaning you get the chance to dine at old bureaux desks from the European Commission!


  • La Tricoterie – Links factory

    La Tricoterie has dreamt up a "links factory". A place of "encounter" where different disciplines, generations and groups mingle in a spirit of exchange and emulation. The cultural agenda (concerts, shows, expos) also includes a civic programme (discussions, lectures, repair café, intergenerational workshops, philosophy café). In tandem with these activities, the spaces are offered for hire and dedicated to the organisation of events. The project aims to become a sustainable event space at the heart of Brussels, one that takes a simple approach: invest meaning and reflection into the event practices of La Tricoterie and those of client-partners.


  • Sleep Well Youth Hostel - Full renovation

    The Sleep Well is a youth hostel with 241 beds located in the heart of Brussels. Following a fire in January 2012, it underwent full refurbishment. In order to improve its energy-saving performance, reduce the environmental footprint and respond better to users' expectations, the building has been transformed and undergone numerous improvements. Passive extension and roofing, co-generation and thermosolar panels (prize for outstanding building and passive new construction), form part of the environmental investments made. The warm modern design, the creation of a duplex designed for families and the development of spaces to encourage encounters and exchanges among users have made the Sleep Well a place where everyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy life in a youth hostel in maximum comfort. The works will conclude in April with the creation of a games room and a guest kitchen.



  • Kiosks in the parks

    The project developed by Brussels Environment consisted of the installation of five kiosks with a small catering business and café in various parks in the Brussels Capital region. These kiosks, open throughout the summer period from 1 July to 30 September, are aimed at users of green spaces, people of Brussels together with Belgian and international visitors. They also seek to create a social link between users, enhance local initiatives in sustainable food and showcase the green heritage of Brussels through a unifying and enjoyable activity in a place where design and sustainable development can be grasped in complete simplicity, around some delicious food or a nice drink!



  • Brussels From Above

    Brussels from above was a spectacular 360° virtual reality project, created by Belgian photographer Herman Desmet. This project showed - via the website -  the Brussels skyline from a whole different perspective. All of the panoramic photographs were taken from places that are not, or rarely, open to the public: rooves, towers, cranes, etc. On the website, visitors could use their mouse to scroll through 360°, and click on hotspots in each photograph that took them to new locations in the city. These locations could also be viewed by going through the menu. Thanks to this virtual reality project, the capital of Europe was be viewed in a magnificent new way.