Best creative alternative 2020

  • 1.Be Modern - Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
    Project date: 2 October 2020 to 21 February 2021
    How, against the backdrop of the health crisis, can interest in the activities of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts be generated among a national audience? The solution appeared with the ".be modern" exhibition, which promoted the museum’s modern and contemporary art collections. In parallel, a series of bilingual FR-NL video clips (with English subtitles), intended for the social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and Museums website, aimed to approach the modern and contemporary works from a new, original and accessible angle. Played throughout the exhibition, they helped, on the one hand, to arouse the curiosity of Internet users and, on the other, to continue reflection post-exhibition.

  • 2.Cabaret Mademoiselle - Continuous Reinvention - Cabaret Mademoiselle ASBL
    Project date: 2020
    The Cabaret Mademoiselle, a Brussels nightlife hotspot, showed enormous inventiveness to continue to provide its special brand of sweet, sequined madness, even in people's homes! Between survival, support to the community and the need to make people laugh, the artists overcame every obstacle to adapt to health requirements. Videos, live events, a museum, shows in windows or spin-off products: every effort was made for their audiences! Adapted and totally original shows were also produced for the summer break: the Summer Nights. These nights were attended by over a thousand privileged people!

  • 3.Het Bazaar Botje – Bazaar Trottoir
    Project date: launched in June 2020
    Exploring Brussels with your own bubble, at your own pace and whenever you feel like it? Yes you can, with Bazaar Trottoir and its little ‘Botje’ virtual guide. Just like a real guide, Botje takes visitors around Brussels. Simply choose a language and a theme (must-sees, street art, beer and bars or GRL PWR), and enjoy a guided tour with Botje. Along the way, you receive information via Messenger (soon also via WhatsApp and Instagram chats). Bazaar Trottoir’s charming little virtual robot shares a wealth of anecdotes and food & drink tips.