Best Gastronomic Concept 2017

  • Belg’eat

    Belg'eat is a café-restaurant open throughout the day which offers fresh original dishes, based on Belgian products typical of our country (cheese, endives, cold meats, chocolate) exclusively chosen from small producers and local artisans.

    The idea is to allow tourists to discover Belgian products in dishes to take away or eat in, and to delight locals who will appreciate their country's cuisine and want to give preference to local small-scale production.

    To build up the image for the idea, all recipes and dishes proposed by Belg’eat are named after cities and towns, rivers or public figures of our flat country.

  • Green canteen – J. Brel Youth Hostel

    In 2017, the J. Brel Youth Hostel celebrated its 30th anniversary, having hosted 1,500,000 overnight stays. Through its daily work, the hostel team contributes to helping young people develop as active, critical, responsible and supportive citizens.

    In 2016, the catering team applied for the Good Food label under the Brussels Environment framework. This application was the logical follow-up to an approach adopted in 2009 consisting of training the team to take a sustainable approach to catering management.

    The catering team formed of 4 people carefully select preferably local organic products, create seasonal menus, offer each day a vegetarian alternative and make young people aware of the problems of food waste. In 2017 the Youth Hostel became a member of the RABAD and in September it was awarded the Good Food 2 Forks quality label.

  • The Dominican counters (Restaurant Vincent)

    A pillar of Brussels dining, the Vincent restaurant, is relaunching the traditional Counter on the Ilot Sacré, from Thursday to Saturday 6:00–11:00 pm. An original urban after-work party that offered gastronomy lovers the chance to try boards of cold meats from Chez Dierndonck and their barbecued Pelée Rouge de Flandre, washed down with a good organic wine from Chez Vincent; or even a selection of Breton oysters with a glass of white wine or a flute of champagne at the Scheltema.

    All you need to get warm in a friendly, welcoming environment in an emblematic part of our fast-changing capital.

  • Le Local

    Le Local is the first culinary nursery in Brussels: a restaurant that offers chef cuisine and a place for young people to get started and thrive in catering and design, while training them in the principles of circular economy.

    From the field to the plate, from the plate to the field, nothing is left to chance in this zero-waste restaurant that gives pride of place to Belgian producers and fine produce: short supply chain, compost, conservation method, commitment and communication.

    Indoors, the same philosophy extends to all the décor, which has been made by designers working with recycled materials. Meaning you get the chance to dine at old bureaux desks from the European Commission!

  • Be My Stoemp

    Be My Stoemp is a new, totally original culinary concept for fast food, one that overturns all the clichés, from the heart of a hot-spot dedicated to Brussels heritage: Halles Saint-Géry. The goal is to reconnect with simple values about sharing, while updating them with today's tastes through one common value and one of the fundamental principles of Brussels cuisine: The Stoemp. "Be My Stoemp" offers its flagship product: the Stoempdog. The Stoempdog is a culinary tradition with contemporary references. In substance and in flavour, the Stoempdog is a stoemp, a generous sausage, served in a doughy bun and generously garnished. A reinterpretation of the iconic hot dog with typically Brussels flavours. The unmistakable stoemp sausage has earned the right to a second youth. Be My Stoemp is a daring take on fast food, a bar you can eat at, a place to refuel. It's a flexible model, both friendly and generous.