Brussels On Stage 2021

  • Opening to the public in Hotel Solvay - VAL33 SA Hôtel Solvay
    Project date: 27 November 2021
    Hotel Solvay is a private house that has been a museum for nearly 40 years. Since January 2021, the house has been open to individual visitors every Thursday and Saturday as well as on other days by reservation for guided tours. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, Hotel Solvay is unanimously recognised as a major work by the architect Victor Horta. In 1894, Armand Solvay, son of the industrialist Ernest Solvay and Art Nouveau enthusiast, entrusted Victor Horta with designing his family home on Avenue Louise in Brussels. Horta had an unlimited budget to build this house. From the plan to the choice of marble and the furniture to the chandeliers and rugs, everything was designed by Horta. This is a real gem which is open for visitors to see.

  • The 40th anniversary of Minimes Cantat - asbl La Chapelle des Minimes
    Project date: since 1 September 2021
    Since October 1981, Minimes Cantat have been performing one or two Bach cantatas every month for a large and enthusiastic audience in the centre of Brussels.  Over the past 40 seasons, in all, almost 400 different compositions have been performed! The choir and orchestra are composed of accomplished amateur singers and experienced instrumentalists from Europe and beyond. The ensemble is led by Artistic Director Julius Stenzel. Several guest and rotating conductors are also invited to take over for the performances. In the past 40 years, Minimes Cantat has built up a loyal audience of around 500 people, both from Belgium and abroad, including many families with children, who attend the free concerts. The printed programme contains a musicological explanation of the work in four languages (Fench, Dutch, German and English). It also includes the libretto (text) of the cantata and the score of the final chorale. Until March 2018, the concerts took place at the Minimes church in the Marolles district of Brussels. Since then, the ensemble has been performing at the Church of Saint-Jacques on Place Royale. 

  • Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. From Brussels to North America. - Exhibition Hub
    Project dates: 14 April 2021 to 31 December 2022
    “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” premiered in Brussels in 2018. It is the first immersive experience entirely conceived, created and developed by Exhibition Hub, and has since been showcased around the world. Indeed, in 2021, the exhibition made a remarkable arrival on the North American market (+10 cities). This tour is supervised by teams which are still based in Brussels. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” uses advanced video projection, video mapping and video art techniques to immerse visitors in the life and works of one of the world’s most famous and enigmatic painters. The experience, created in collaboration with art historians, subject matter experts and media artisans, allows visitors to reflect on Van Gogh’s unique style. 

  • Chose Qui Bouge – VOLTA
    Project date: 26 April to 30 December 2021
    Chose Qui Bouge is a Belgian digital festival that presents emerging musicians in an intimate and exclusive setting. The concerts are professionally filmed with subtle lighting and studio-quality sound. The aim of this project is to reach a few important players in the musical landscape, in addition to the audience. Chose Qui Bouge was born following the closure of concerts venues. VOLTA had to adapt to the new regulations. The original idea of having a limited audience to watch performances was dropped, but this pushed the film crew to film them as faithfully as possible to recreate the experience of a live performance for the audience and the musician(s). Thanks to their collaboration with Decoratelier, they were able to recreate magical moments on the screen. The videos were first broadcast by VICE.BE.  It is one of the most ambitious projects produced by VOLTA to date.

  • Forest Sounds Festival - Le Palais des Sciences ASBL
    Project dates: 4 September to 4 December 2021
    The 5th edition of the Forest Sounds Festival took place in Forest Abbey, located on Place Saint-Denis. In addition to this change of setting, there was a health obligation to present a Covid Safe Ticket on entry, or to be tested directly on-site in the testing centre provided. What was on the menu for the Forest Sounds Festival? An eclectic and high-quality musical programme, creative workshops for all ages throughout the day in partnership with BRASS, Forest cultural centre, and the effervescent energy of an audience rediscovering the joys of live music. All of this was available free of charge.