For more than a decade the Awards ceremony has been honouring projects that actively foster Brussels' image at home and abroad. is hoping by this means to spotlight the initiatives which help improve the quality of the welcome and hospitality accorded to visitors and thus contribute to the international reputation of our destination, in 9 different categories.

The public will first select the three best projects in each category*. Then, a panel of Brussels tourist industry professionals will pick the winners from among the finalists, founding their choice on five criteria: the impact on the international reputation and attraction of Brussels, the impact on tourism in Brussels, the originality, the sustainability of the project, the efforts made to make the projects more accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The prizewinners will be announced and will receive their award on 29 March 2018 at the Awards Ceremony & Networking Night.

*Except for the “INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS & FAIR” category that is only submitted to the jury vote.