International Congress & Fair 2017

  • 57th European Commodities Exchange

    After Hamburg, Barcelona and Turin in 2017, the Commission of the Brussels Commodity Exchange organised the 57th European Commodities Exchange in Brussels. The Consortium of European Commodities Exchanges, of which the Brussels Commodities Exchange is a member, brings together 38 national exchanges from 12 member states.

    This international exchange is organised in unique locations in different European member states every year. The substantial foreign presence (85% of visitors are from abroad) demonstrates the prestige of this European Commodities Exchange.

    On Thursday 12 October, a gala evening called “Cruisin’ Cuisine” was organised in Autoworld. Typical Belgian dishes were paired with Belgian beers, providing for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where contacts and working relationships could be cemented.

  • IETM Brussels Planetary Meeting

    IETM Brussels Plenary Meeting, 23-26 November 2017, was a large-scale event for artists and cultural operators from all over the world. Organised in partnership with Kaaitheater and Charleroi Danse, IETM Brussels served as a dynamic and multifaceted platform for international professional exchange in the field of contemporary performing arts. With the main theme “Can we talk? Art in the age of populism”, the event aimed to engage the global art community in a collective reflection on the most burning social, cultural and political issues of today’s reality. The meeting facilitated professional networking and the emergence of cross-border partnerships, providing attendees with ample space for presenting their projects and initiatives. The artistic programme, compiled from the performances which were on Brussels’ offer at the time of the meeting, gave international participants an opportunity to get a special insight into the richness of the Belgian contemporary performing arts.

  • Style Masters Show 2017 Brussels

    Abile proposed Brussels to REVLON for the 9th edition of the Style Masters Show. This is the largest Hair Styling Contest in the world, with more than 4,000 hair stylists participating from more than 50 countries. Before the show Abile helped organise 15 country programmes with a Gala dinner, a party and a tour of Brussels. The show starts with a banquet gala dinner for the 4,000 participants and a fashion show with the finalist's live performances, the REVLON collections and the awards ceremony: Global Winner, All Star Challenge Winner (Men’s Stylist), Best Live Execution, Best Commercial Look and Best Young Talent. This event has made Brussels the centre of the world in hair styling art and creativity.


  • BIF-Market 2017

    The first edition of BIF-Market took place in 2017 to mark the 35 years of the BIFFF, which had already organised and supported "Frontiers" for three years on the trot, as the first European co-production market for genre film. The world's genre cinema industry has presented its films along with its “Work in Progress”, and also took the opportunity to promote its companies or institutions, before a panel of professionals who are interested and convinced about the genre appeal.

    The BIF-Market is the foremost genre film market and, in the future, may become a revolving platform between genre film productions and production and post-production houses in Brussels and in Belgium. And lastly, the BIFFF is the ideal occasion to make such encounters happen.

  • Youth-Ag Summit 2017

    The Youth-Agriculture Summit is where young people aged 18–25 meet to find specific solutions to the question “How to feed a hungry world in a sustainable way?” The Youth-Ag Summit called on The Oval Office to organise the 3rd edition in Benelux in October 2017. The Oval Office decided to organise this event in Brussels at the Hotel Bloom. Over 5 days, delegates were able to broaden their understanding through expert presentations and workshops. The programme also allowed participants to arrange international encounters through activities and dinners all with the theme of Brussels. By bringing in opinion-leaders from 26 different countries, The Oval Office took the opportunity to present the best Brussels has to offer and show off the different aspects of our capital: culture, culinary traditions, history and night life.