International event 2017

  • Art Brussels

    Art Brussels, which features among the most famous of contemporary European art fairs, took place for the second year running in the iconic Tour & Taxis building.

    Aside from the head-hunter or talent spotter dimension that remains written into the fair's DNA, Art Brussels can count on trusted links built up over many years between the galleries loyal to the fair and more than 25,000 Belgian and foreign visitors who have not missed Art Brussels for anything over the years. Art Brussels stands out for the quality of the Belgian and international galleries it profiles, yet also and undeniably for that additional injection of soul provided by all the fringe elements it manages to take in, such as the artistic programme, the discussions and debates and free guided tours… In 2017, Art Brussels hosted 145 galleries from 28 different countries, presenting a total of more than 650 artists.

  • Brussels, the City of Peregrine Falcons

    Is it even necessary to introduce "Falcons for everyone"? This unique programme is anticipated and followed each year by hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, astonished by the spectacular beauty of nature and life. Making Brussels the city of falcons; that was the challenge set in 2017 by the Natural Science Museum after 13 years of unabated success.

    A challenge met with the installation of an observation network that uses HD streaming night and day to show not just one or two, but three couples of the 12 living in Brussels, as well as a new website under development.

    Success was once again expected since the trilingual blog had received more than 3 million connections from 136 countries.

  • Bike Brussels, the bike and active mobility show in Brussels

    Organised every year in September, this fair is aimed at promoting daily bike use and active mobility to the general public and companies in Brussels. Over 4 days, during mobility week, Bike Brussels is offering the opportunity to discover and test groups of bikes currently on the market (e-bike, cargo-bike, foldable, kiddie bikes, shared bike solutions), scooters, unicycles and other new machines, as well as equipment, technological innovations, public transport and associations for promoting daily bike use. The chosen location is Tour & Taxis, at the heart of Brussels, as this is a real Urban Bike Fair presenting mobility solutions specifically adapted to the city's urban context. The intention behind the fair is also to reach beyond the boundaries to enhance the image of a Bike-Friendly capital committed to a "sustainable development" future.