Most noted exhibition 2017

  • American Dream Cars & Bikes – The golden years

    Every two years, the Autoworld museum organises a major international exhibition on a topic related to the automobile that highlights a specific era told through exceptional vehicles rarely seen together. The American Dream Cars & Bikes exhibition offers visitors a chance to experience the atmosphere of America in the 50s to 70s. The visit begins by boarding the interior of a giant aircraft. On the other side of the aircraft door, the exhibition is revealed: more than 45 exceptional vehicles from the 1950–60s and around fifteen legendary Harley-Davidsons exhibited around a reconstructed drive-in, a period gas station and a film showing clips from films depicting American cars. In the background, a Route 66 backdrop shows other cars. A skyline illuminates the contrasting background. At the drive-in diner, the visitor can even have a milk-shake and eat popcorn.

  • Pierre & Gilles. Chiaroscuro.

    The Pierre et Gilles exhibition. Chiaroscuro presented around 80 flagship works from the late 1970s to today, regrouped in thematic areas. From Madonna to Stromae, from Sylvie Vartan to Kylie Minogue and from Yves Saint Laurent to Marc Jacobs, popular and iconic figures from recent decades took part in delightful role games either in their viewfinder or under their paintbrush. The resulting image reveals the range of talent with Pierre et Gilles, a duo who have succeeded in marrying stylistic design with constant renewal – the mark of great artists. The chiaroscuro perspective that lends its name to the exhibition casts light on the entertaining effervescence so well known from their work, while also underlining the more solemn side of their universe, which makes it so relevant today. Above all, this retrospective aims to explore the essential place occupied by these artists on the contemporary art scene.

  • Brussels is a Plaizier

    What did Brussels look like 50 years ago? From June to September BOZAR took you back in time with an exhibition about the Plaizier publishing house. Since 1977 this Brussels publishing house has built up an image library including vintage postcards, prints, calendars and books. Architectural gems and urban transformations were superbly represented, while objects reflected the particular trajectory of two editors Wijnand and Mieke Plaizier. Their love for the Belgian capital became evident in each illustration. In addition to their purely documentary value, the photos bore witness to the way in which the people of Brussels remember and cherish their city, thus lending form to the collective memory. Let's all share our favourite parts of Brussels #itsmyplaizier