New event & Touristic location 2017

  • Docks Dome

    Docks Dome completely revolutionises the approach to events: what sets this events venue apart is its unique style and fresh design. Located under the roof of Docks Bruxsel, it is one of the best looking spots on the market. With its 3000 m² of modular space split into 3 areas and a capacity for 1,400 people, Docks Dome is perfect for all kinds of events. Outside, it has terraces offering an unobstructed view of the Palais Royal in Brussels. A public car park with 1700 spaces is available at underground level. Customers are free to choose their own suppliers and caterer, and they have the option of hosting their event completely on their own. Lastly, with a strong commitment to sustainable development, Docks Dome adopts eco-friendly behaviour and focuses especially on conserving solar energy and reinvesting electricity.

  • La Tricoterie – Links factory

    La Tricoterie has dreamt up a "links factory". A place of "encounter" where different disciplines, generations and groups mingle in a spirit of exchange and emulation. The cultural agenda (concerts, shows, expos) also includes a civic programme (discussions, lectures, repair café, intergenerational workshops, philosophy café). In tandem with these activities, the spaces are offered for hire and dedicated to the organisation of events. The project aims to become a sustainable event space at the heart of Brussels, one that takes a simple approach: invest meaning and reflection into the event practices of La Tricoterie and those of client-partners.

  • MannekenPis WardRobe

    Manneken-Pis has been Brussels' favourite child since the 17th century. In that era, the custom began of dressing him up for major events. This odd tradition continued down through the centuries, becoming more pronounced from the 1980s on. Manneken-Pis is the only known example in the world of a common statue with a real wardrobe.

    The new MannekenPis WardRobe invites you to discover this surprising collection and its astonishing history. Based on a sample selection of outfits inviting the visitor into the world of this fabulous wardrobe. More than 130 items are on display, divided into seven topics: geography, folklore, charity and citizen groups, professions, personalities, sports and styles.

  • Koezio. Live Adventure Games

    Koezio, a unique indoor leisure concept in Europe, welcomes you to a team adventure game on 5000 m² and immerses you in the exciting universe of a training centre for special agents. Koezio is the team adventure game "with added human value", offering you a unique emotional experience: team spirit, action, reflection, strategy, humour, self-confidence, mutual understanding, self-improvement… Koezio proposes a single mission to share among the family, friends or colleagues, ideal for an original outing, a birthday party a stag or hen party, or team building.

  • Benelux Bar

    Benelux is the new bar that reconciles with the Centre of Brussels. Fitted out with a number of converted spaces (a bar for showing off, a space to dance, a mezzanine for stepping out, a lounge area for conversation), this is a place to do as you please with a cocktail, a glass of wine or a beer. Located right in the formerly tourist quarter of Petite rue des Bouchers, Benelux is a little closer to the real Brussels we used to like, where you feel its heart still beating. That's the concept behind this quirky place: so that people who love the city can savour a moment of pleasure and be there, meet up with friends and share a toast without being rushed, because closing time, like everything else, isn't written in stone. It's as simple as that.


  • House of European History

    The House of European History is a place of debate, questioning and reflection about history. From Europe’s myths and early discoveries, to the chaos and cohesion of the 20th century, the museum takes visitors on a journey along the path of Europe’s history and challenges them to think about its future. Within the museum, installations, objects and documents demonstrate the diversity of the continent while showing its common roots.

    The museum is located in the beautifully renovated Eastman Building in Parc Léopold. Its displays extend over 4,000m² of exhibition space and information tablets are available in all 24 official EU languages. Entrance to the House is free. Tailored resources are available for schools, families and groups, offering a fascinating experience for all.